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>> Monday, December 19, 2011

A big thanks to my buddy Hank Allen for filling for me and providing some content on the blog while I was on vacation last week.

After some milder weather for a stretch last week, we returned to some chilly weather over the weekend, and it's certainly cold this morning with temps in the 20s and 30s. Temps will begin to rebound this afternoon though with highs in the 50s.

Very challenging pattern...

There forecast challenges will be aplenty as we get deeper into this week and then right through the Christmas weekend into next week. A series of storm systems will impact the region, and the timing of these systems, and the exact way they will unfold, will remain a challenge.

A huge winter storm will occur over the next day or two from the TX and OK Panhandles into parts of KS and CO, and that system will spread some rain in here mainly tomorrow night and Wednesday.

It looks like another system will roll in here by late Thursday into Friday followed by another potential system Christmas Eve any maybe another one Monday.

At the moment, these systems look to be mainly rain-producers, but each system will get a little chillier as cold air damming gets involved.


Anonymous 1:12 PM  

Any hope for some winter weather issues Saturday night? and there is alot of talk about a good snowstorm from Northern NC northward sometime around the 27th and 28th what you think MAtt?

Matthew East 3:35 PM  

It could be a very chilly rain Christmas weekend, but at the moment, I am thinking just rain outside the mountains. At the moment, I don't see any real specific snow potential, but I can envision a scenario where one of these waves has just the right amount of cold air damming to make something happen for somebody.

Anonymous 3:58 PM  

Did you see the pictures of the clouds in Alabama!?

Anonymous 5:24 PM  

Are you going to have your change your Jamuary and Febuary thoughts as you stated on your facebook feed?

Anonymous 6:06 PM  

Welcome back from your vac! I have a feeling we might end up on colder side from Jan thru. Mar, given the fact we had a mild Dec. I remember the pattern growing up in New York when we had a mild start to the winter usually then we end up staying cold starting Jan all the way to mid-March and of course snow as well. We are in the south from NY but our climate is similar. Well, time will tell, but those are my thoughts. TY

Matthew East 4:36 AM  

Yes, those clouds were awesome! Never seen anything quite like it.

I am thinking about the rest of Winter. No changes to the original forecast as of yet, but I am evaluating. I would still imagine that the NAO/AO would switch phase at some, but the question is when.

Thanks for the kind words!

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