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>> Monday, April 04, 2011

Already this morning, severe watch boxes are in effect as what will be an active severe weather day and night is beginning. To the left is the watch summary as of 8:40am.

Ahead of the system, a warm and breezy day is unfolding for the Carolinas with many highs in the low to mid 80s...winds gusting to 30-40mph at times.

An intense line of rain and storms will continue to develop through the Lower Mississippi Valley, Tennessee Valley, and Ohio Valley as the day unfolds. That line will likely race into the mountains later this evening and begin to spill into the Piedmont soon after midnight.

The dynamics with this system are impressive, but instability is not. However, with the set up we will have in place, it will be very easy for any storm to tap those strong winds aloft and bring them down to the surface. So, I think we will have some issues in some areas with damaging winds, and a brief tornado or two is possible too.

All in all, this would be a good night to have your NOAA weather radio in the alert position.....


Anonymous 6:31 PM  

Matthew I am becoming increasingly concerned about the nighttime tornado risk across the Carolina's tonight. Like you previously mentioned I hope everyone has there weather radio's in alert mode tonight. And of course tune to News 14!

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