Fat Tuesday...

>> Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Our next storm system is gearing up to our west, and a pretty good severe weather threat exists today closer to the storm system...especially this evening in the Lower Mississippi Valley. A few stronger tornadoes are possible in parts of Louisiana and southern Mississippi.

Around the Carolinas, just some high clouds today with Piedmont highs ranging from the mid 50s to around 60 or so.

Clouds will thicken and lower tonight, and some light rain is possible as soon as the predawn hours tomorrow. Overall, tomorrow looks like a fairly chilly day with rain at times.

The core of the system will come through here later tomorrow night into Thursday morning. At that point, some heavier rain will be possible, and we will have to keep an eye on the severe potential as well. Just like the last system, instability will be lacking, but tremendous dynamics will be in place.

I don't have a good feel yet for total rain amounts, but this is another moisture-packed system, and I expect some spots (and probably many spots) in the region to do quite well.

By the way, the Canadian model has gone nuts with this thing and closes off an upper level low right overhead the area. At face value, it actually prints out some snow right underneath that upper air low. Interesting to look at, but I would not trust it any farther than you could throw it right now. It is pretty much by itself in that extreme of a solution.


Jonathan (Hickory, NC) 11:22 AM  

Hi Matt-

Yeah, yesterday's 12Z GGEM was the best: almost 10 inches of rain for the foothills and mountains of NC with snow to follow!! That would be truly epic (probably quite disastrous as well)! I saw the overnight GGEM backed off on the rain totals, but they're still quite large at more than 4 inches, and the snow still stuck around. ULLs are quite fun. Let's see what happens!

Jeremy 12:04 PM  

Hey Matthew...So what's going on with the cold air being discussed a few days ago for next week? Is that still coming or is winter officially done? Haven't heard anyone mention it lately and I was just wondering if it is not coming down here now. thanks.

Matthew East 2:10 PM  

The cold air for the end of this week has basically vanished. But, some signs of a late-season cold blast are on the horizon late in the month.

And yes Jonathan....ULLs are fun....very challenging, and can produce some wild stuff.

Anonymous 9:12 PM  

So would you say it looks as it may get colder towards end of the month?

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