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>> Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Quick post here. Overall, I still think a nice rain event is on the way for the Carolinas, however, I am thinking around the I-85 corridor, the storm totals might be more around an inch or so. Convection around the Gulf of Mexico has been extremely intense, and it has been bowing out and racing ahead quickly. I feel that big bow echo entering southern Georgia is bad news for those wanting huge rain totals in the interior Carolinas.

This initial wave of rain will advance through this evening, and then we will wait and see what and where re-development takes place as the upper level energy dives in from the west. I am getting the idea that a good chunk of the development as we head into tomorrow might be east of the Charlotte and Triad zones. But we will see.

We will have to watch for severe potential, especially gusty winds, with the activity this evening. The bigger threat might be with the new development tomorrow.

It is a fluid situation, and all of this bears watching.


Anonymous 3:08 PM  

Boo, glorified cold front. Booo. Boring weather boo.


Anonymous 6:17 PM  

Brad, was the comment really necessary?

Thank you Matthew, for keeping us up to date, I really appreciate it. I'd much rather but OVER prepared and under prepared. So thank you so much for all you do!

Anonymous 7:23 PM  

^ I agree, but the guy is always like that. Can't help it I guess.

Matthew East 8:46 PM  

No problem....happy to do what I can.

Anonymous 8:55 PM  

Looking forward to what the end of the month will bring... would it continue to get warmer and warmer or turn colder before spring really kicks in?

Matthew East 5:40 AM  

Trying to nail that down. There is almost always a big cold shot prior to the end of the season, but tough to get a handle on as of now.

Anonymous 8:31 AM  

Wow, sorry, I'm just messing around. It's the weather, geez. I'll keep my comments to myself. Peace.


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