Gradually getting milder....

>> Thursday, February 18, 2010

Highs today will be roughly 5 degrees milder than yesterday in most spots...mainly mid to upper 40s. Look for a lot of sunshine as well.

We will keep the gradual warming trend going with some lower 50s tomorrow and mid to upper 50s this weekend...even some lower 60s in some spots.

Our next system will roll in Monday and bring us a chance of rain. That will be first in a new series of storm system to impact the southeastern US as we again enter an active storm track. We will also head back into a colder pattern next week.

I expect the cold and storm pattern to persist into March....


Susanna 1:17 PM  

I know a lot of people are tired of snow, but for the snow lovers...nothing sounds sweeter than you telling us the cold pattern will continue. :) Thanks, as always, for your informative blog posts, Matthew! I tell everyone you're my favorite weatherman, and always send everyone to your blog!

Matthew East 1:22 PM  

Yeah, it would be nice to get a nice snow hit for those wanting it before Spring settles in.....

Thanks for the referrals!

Anonymous 1:52 PM  

12Z GFS is back on board for the snow storm for the SE next week. Not very strong but maybe a 6"er? Still a bit south but nice to see it there knowing how the GFS trends north. Hopefully the EURO will come on board later on too. Seems like there's going to be SOMETHING there next week. Hopefully one last hurrah! to get the monkey off of Charlotte's back.


Anonymous 4:18 PM  

I thought Charlotte had gotten some snow last weekend but never saw any celebratory did Charlotte get a decent snow by the standards of those who live there?? I heard 4"..was that a the most this winter so far?

Matthew East 4:57 AM  

Brad, models a literally all over the place for next week...still in the 'who knows?' department.

With the most recent event, most of the Charlotte metro got 2-3" with some localized 4" amounts.

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