A chance to catch our breath this week....

>> Tuesday, February 16, 2010

We will get a respite from the active storm track for the remainder of this work week as conditions will be chilly and dry. Today will feature highs in the upper 30s to lower 40s, and it will be a bit breezy as well. Look for low to mid 40s tomorrow, mid to upper 40s Thursday, and upper 40s to lower 50s Friday.

Still some uncertainty for the weekend, but I have left things dry as of this morning's package. It looks like the next significant chance of precip will come around Monday. The models are all over the place with the track of that low pressure though.

After a respite from the active storm track this week, the southern branch looks to come to life again next week and beyond, so enjoy the breather this week!

Housekeeping note here...I will not be in the weather office tomorrow morning, so there will be no new video or blog post Wednesday morning. Back to a regular schedule Thursday morning.


Jeremy 10:57 PM  

Matt, you mentioned snow, rain, and sleet showers in the Piedmont. In Reidsville on Monday we had hail, rain and sleet. The hail was pea-sized and made all the noise that hail makes and was enough to cover the ground and road white. It was not snow pellets but actual hail. The power even went out for a few seconds. Is hail usual when you have mixed precip around? If so, I've never seen that so it got me wondering. I didn't think we would have strong updrafts on Monday, but you'd have to have that for hail right? Any explanations? Thanks!

Anonymous 1:26 PM  

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Anonymous 9:47 PM  

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