Saturday morning...

>> Saturday, May 10, 2008

Whew....dragging a bit this morning. Got in bed at 4am Friday morning and 2am this morning. Up and going this morning....gotta head to coach my two oldest daughters' t-ball game at 9am.

A quick note...while I haven't looked at all of the parameters yet, there could be a big outbreak of severe weather over the Lower Mississippi Valley, Tennessee Valley, and Deep South this afternoon and tonight.

The big question is will we have severe weather here tomorrow. Most modeling is insisting that we will have a in-situ wedge in place as the precip moves in tomorrow morning. If that is the case, severe weather will be limited. But will this occur? That is the question I will try to resolve when I get in to work this afternoon...


Anonymous 1:52 PM  

i see the spc has shifted the moderate zone a little more north is the idea of the wedge beginning to retreat? or also, what would happen if this system is a little slower than current thinking? would that put the wedge out of the picture? just curious if severe weather is beginning to look a litle more likely for tomm...

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