4:15pm Update...

>> Thursday, May 08, 2008

So far, we have not seen any showers or storms develop in the Piedmont. Meanwhile, numerous tornado warnings continue back in north and central Alabama.

Interestingly, due to lots of sunshine, dewpoints back in northern Georgia have dropped into the 50s while much of North Carolina is still seeing dewpoints in the 60s. So, the showers and storms could briefly weaken as they move from Alabama into Georgia.

Around here, I think we should see some scattered showers and storms develop over the next several hours, and our atmosphere is now primed and appears somewhat supportive of a severe weather threat. All we are lacking now is a triggering mechanism to get the storms going. So, we are still waiting and watching to see if indeed these storms do develop this evening.

Overnight, I still expect a line of showers and storms to roll through, and those storms could be severe.

So, to recap....severe weather remains a possibility any time from about 5pm through the overnight hours. However, this is still a tough nut to crack due to the specific set of variables we have in play. Stay tuned...


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