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>> Saturday, January 12, 2008

First things first, the radar is impressive back over the southern Plains this evening. I think we stand a good chance of seeing some light rain tomorrow, and I still say a few sleet pellets or snow flurries could mix in in the Piedmont....doesn't look like any big deal though.

The computer models continue to print out some varying scenarios with our Wednesday night-Thursday potential system. Almost all modeling in indicating precip moving in by Thursday here in the Carolinas, but by far the best model for snow-lovers is the GFS. For 3 runs in a row now it has dumped heavy snow into the western Carolinas Thursday.

It is simply too early to know how this one will pan out. I feel like the GFS may possibly be indicating too strong a surface low in the Gulf of Mexico, which then lifts up the Carolina coast. But with that said, I do like the chances of at least overrunning precipitation developing Thursday. And present indications continue to be that some wintry weather could very well be involved in the western Carolinas.

This could all change, but that is my thinking as of now.


Anonymous 7:53 PM  

As of right now, does the Wednesday-Thursday storm look more promising than tomorrow's storm? Do you think the computer model runs are traveling down the right road? I hope this all plays out. I can here it now, Mecklenburg County Schools, closed.

Matthew East 8:29 PM  

Yes, the mid-week storm looks more promising than tomorrow's.

I think the computer models have the right general ideas, but details will definitely change with time. And those details make all of the difference in the world to us here.

Anonymous 8:56 PM  

I love this website! It gives all of us snow lovers hope! Even though it's rare to actually see snow here, I love the honest detail that you give! Thanks!

Anonymous 10:18 PM  

i hope we can get some snow. I live in Northern Surry county and we need some snow. We haven't seen any this year. I have looked at the gfs and it likes to show snows however i haven't seen them come to pass yet. Atleast we are now getting some cold air in place and this will be one key ingredient to any snowfall. I just can't believe how the storms can show up and disappear so quickly, but hopefully we can get some snow up in surry county soon.

Matthew East 5:44 PM  

Thank you for the kind words!

I hope we can see some snow too!

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