Fascinating winter storm for parts of the Southeast

>> Wednesday, January 03, 2018

Today's video:

A complex and fascinating winter storm is unfolding across portions of the Southeast. Two pieces of energy are merging over the Deep South, and the result is a rapidly-developing low pressure off the coast. This low pressure will rapidly strengthen, and could produce hurricane-force winds out in the Atlantic east of the Outer Banks tonight. 

Wednesday began with ice and snow all of the eay down through the Florida Panhandle and southern Georgia, and that shield of precipitation continues to blossom as it lifts up through the eastern Carolinas. This will be a major winter weather event for places such as Charleston, Hilton Head, Wilmington, Morehead City, Greenville (North Carolina), and Elizabeth City. Rare and significant amounts of snow, as well as some ice right along the coast, will fall in those locations. 

Further inland, the Triangle region will pick up some snow, but the amounts will be tapering off the farther west you go. Here in the Triad area, this will be an afternoon and evening where the radar will likely show lots of snow falling, but much of it will evaporate prior to reaching the ground. I do think at least some light snow could make it as far west as roughly I-85, and I can't rule out a dusting to 1" of snow in the southern and eastern parts of the area. However, for many of us, it will just be a cloudy and cold day. 

Speaking of cold, another blast of cold air, just as if not more impressive than our current one, will arrive tomorrow through the weekend. Bundle up!


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