Cold is here.... what about snow chances?

>> Wednesday, December 06, 2017

Our much-talked about pattern change has occurred, and we will have lots of below average temperatures right on through next week. Highs will only be in the upper 40s Thursday, and then highs could struggle to reach 40 Friday and Sunday. Another shot of cold air arrives next week, primarily focused around late Tuesday through Thursday. That blast of cold air looks even colder than what will settle in for the weekend.
You have likely heard folks discussing the prospects of snow in the Carolinas. Here's the deal. A frontal boundary will remain draped just offshore through Saturday. Occasional waves of low pressure will ride along that front and try to throw areas of precipitation northwestward into the interior Carolinas at times. For our area, I expect most of that precipitation to remain south and east of the piedmont through Thursday, but on Thursday night, Friday, and Friday night, the next wave of low pressure could be strong enough to throw that precip up our way. 
As the cold air continues to deepen over the Carolinas, precipitation that falls from Thursday night through Friday night could fall in the form of snow, at least at times. At this point, I favor the idea of only minor snow accumulation potential due to initially warm ground conditions and likely fairly light precipitation rates. In fact, it is possible the bulk of the precipitation remains suppressed to the south. However, there are some models that are stronger with the system and heavier with the precipitation, so we will keep an eye on it.
Please check out today's edition of the video. A picture is with a thousand words. 


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