Cooler weather pattern arriving

>> Thursday, October 12, 2017

After multiple days of mid summer-like heat and humidity, a cooler weather pattern is beginning to unfold in the region. Highs Thursday will be below what we have seen on recent days, and Friday's highs will be even cooler. 

Look for plenty of clouds at times Thursday and Friday, and some showers will be a possibility at times as well.

The weekend looks great with warm afternoons and good intervals of sunshine. The peak of the fall foliage season is now occurring in the elevations above about 3000' up in the mountains, so this weekend is a great time to head up that way and enjoy the fall colors. 

Finally, a push of true cool, dry, more typical October air will arrive next week. Piedmont lows will be well down into the 40s by Monday night, and mountain areas will likely be in the 30s. Afternoons most days next week will be sunny and pleasant. 


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