Arthur to impact the NC coast tonight...

>> Thursday, July 03, 2014

After a very hot and extremely humid day yesterday, we are seeing a cold front move into the region today and give us the chance of some showers and storms at times. Highs today should top out in the mid to upper 80s to lower 90s.

Much drier air plunges in here starting tonight behind the cold front and Hurricane Arthur, and the result will be some spectacular holiday weekend weather. 


Arthur became a hurricane this morning and is churning off the South Carolina coast. Winds will be over tropical storm force at times along the South Carolina coast today, and then the winds will really ramp up along the southern NC coast later this afternoon and evening. 

The center of Arthur will track near or likely over the Outer Banks tonight. For most of the coast, you can expect winds through the night to at least gust over hurricane force and many areas will likely see sustained hurricane force winds for a period of time.

I expect some significant flooding problems for some areas of Highway 12 in the Outer Banks. Driving southeast winds will increase through the day and into the evening, then as Arthur pulls away tomorrow morning, winds will become out of the northwest and west. So, both Atlantic and sound side flooding is likely for the Outer Banks. And I fully expect some sound flooding in some mainland areas as well. 


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