Beautiful for many areas today... rainy, cool period ahead...

>> Thursday, August 15, 2013

We will enjoy picture-perfect weather today around most of the piedmont, foothills, and mounrains with highs failing to make 80 in many areas and low levels of humidity. However, it's a rainy morning in eastern SC and southeastern NC,  and changes are just around the corner. As soon as tonight, some rain could arrive for much of the piedmont.

There are some difference amongst our various computer models (for example, almost no rain over the next 72 hours on the RPM, but multiple inches on the GFS), but I think the basic forecast idea tomorrow through the weekend is cool, occasionally rainy conditions. Highs tomorrow and Saturday will likely struggle to reach 70 in many places with periods of rain.

Next work week, more typical August weather returns with highs toward the upper 80s and some afternoon storm chances.


A tropical depression has formed in the eastern Atlantic off of the African coast. This will likely become a tropical storm soon, and it will head generally westward over the Atlantic in coming days.


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