Drier air tries to work in from the north....

>> Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Drier air is seeping into parts of the region from the north today, and the result will be lower humidity and a dry forecast for some....especially along and north of I-40. South of I-40, the changes will be more subtle, and I think we need to maintain at least a small chance of some showers and storms.

The big weather player later this week will be the low pressure (formerly Barbara in the eastern Pacific) in the Gulf of Mexico. This will likely not become a classified tropical system, but it will lift up to near the Carolina coast by Friday.

For the mountains, foothills, and piedmont, it will mean rain and storm chances ramping up from later Thursday through Friday. For the coast, it could mean some quite breezy conditions by Thursday and Friday along with some rain and storms.


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