Another warm one... unsettled this weekend...

>> Thursday, May 16, 2013

Some nasty storms in Texas yesterday evening. I grabbed a couple of radar image of a violent tornado between Cleburne and Rio VIsta, TX. This one had an excellent debris signature on the dual-pol radar. See the second image

Highs today will again surge up into the mid and upper 80s, and once again, a few spots could clip 90.

A front will sag into the region beginning tomorrow and bring with it the chance of some showers and storms, especially in the afternoon. Tomorrow's rain chances are better the farther north you go.

Over the weekend, the front will stall out across the region. The result will likely be a good coverage of showers and storms during the afternoon and evening. Not a washout, but some showers and storms at times.

Drier and warmer weather will build back in here by mid-week next week.

Here is today's video:


Anonymous 2:25 PM  

Hey Matthew,
I am planning to go back to school, hopefully this fall. I am 30 years old, and got my GED when I was 19. I haven't attended college before. I am tired of working at a job that doesn't interest me and I have always wanted to be a meteorologist. Weather has always fascinated me since I was 5 or so. Anyways, I am aware that UNCC has a met program, however I am doubtful that I will be able to get in currently since I haven't attended school in so long. Maybe I could take some courses at CPCC and transfer? To be honest, I really just don't know where to start or who to talk to. Is there any advice you could give me about where to start or who to talk to? I'd really appreciate it.

Matthew East 5:33 AM  

Hi Joe.... send me an email at

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