Next system arrives tomorrow...

>> Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Another quiet day around the region today with cool high temps.

Our next storm system will roll in tomorrow. The timing of this system is a little quicker now...and it looks like the rain will arrive earlier in the day tomorrow than it appeared yesterday.

A pronounced cold air damming setup awaits this system, and this will be a chilly, soaking rain for most of us. I do note that the RPM model is being pretty aggressive with the cold air and is actually printing out some decent wintry precip in the foothills and mountains. See below.

RPM ice accumulations:

RPM snow accumulations:

This is likely overdone, but a little wintry precip certainly can't be ruled out in the northern foothills with even better chances in the mountains.

Once this system exits, the weekend will be fantastic with sunshine and milder temps.

Monday through Wednesday looks nice and warm with some spots possible hitting 80 at some point in there, especially Tuesday.

See the video for lots more...


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