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>> Monday, March 04, 2013

Lots of ground covered about our incoming storm system in today's video....give it a look:

After some cold weekend weather, it will be another cool day today with lots of sunshine.

All eyes are on our incoming storm system. As I mentioned in my video, even though there have been some model differences and adjustments, I think overall, the handling of this incoming system has been pretty steady.

It looks like the powerful 500mb low will wind up tracking right across NC, and the surface low should basically do the same and then slow down and strengthen right near the coast and offshore.

The result should be a big-time snowstorm for the Virginias.

Accumulating snow will occur in many mountain spots, and a Winter Storm Watch is up for many mountain counties.

I still also think some accumulating snow could occur for areas close to the Virginia border (not much...but maybe a little)...and the odds are looking pretty good that the deformation band will pivot through northeastern parts of NC.

For the Triad area, it looks like the odds of significant accumulating snow area pretty low unless we see some drastic southward shifts in the modeling today and tonight. For Charlotte, it would take some even more significant southward adjustments.

The Triangle has a slightly better chance due to the possibility of that deformation band scraping through there.


Anonymous 3:47 PM  

Snow fans in CLT - might as well throw the towels... this is probably the last chance for the wintry precip. which looks like rain (again). This winter, we managed to get 2" in mid-Feb. After this, I hear temps will warm up to mid-60s by next weekend (hello spring!). For those who wants to see snow next winter, the advice is plan a trip to VA or WV where I'm sure there will be plenty of snow opport's.

Anonymous 4:06 PM  

Agreed with you, we cant make happen whats not meant to be, If Matt and some of the other mets could have made it snow they would have, maybe next year, ready for spring !!

Anonymous 5:20 PM  

Here in Rowan county we haven't even had 1 inch of snow in the last two winters combined. Very disappointing for us snow lovers.
I knew when the tease came out at the end of last week that it would not come to pass. We NEVER get snow from these northwest systems.
Long for a deep gulf coast low and
a strong high over New England.Maybe next year.

Anonymous 7:39 PM  
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Matthew East 5:36 AM  

Yep, it was a slightly better Winter in many areas than last Winter, but not by too much.

Hopefully some starving snow fans get fed next season....

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