Chilly weather continues...

>> Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Well below average temps remain in place across the region today, and we will continue to run below average right on into the Easter weekend.

I am not sure some folks are realizing how impressive this current pattern of sustained cold really is. We are talking about days and days here of highs 10-20+ degrees below average. Very impressive!

Snow continues to pile up in the mountains, and another day of northwest flow snow is on the way today, and some spots will still see some snow linger into at least tomorrow morning.

For the piedmont, look for some rain and snow showers later today. They won't amount to much of significant, but they will be there.

For Easter Sunday, rain should arrive later in the day, but for much of the Carolinas, we just might hold off the rain long enough to get the outdoor sunrise services in.

For some more thoughts on the current cold, the mountain snow, and the pattern for next week and beyond, see the video....


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