Soaking rain for the Carolinas.... Huge Nor'easter for the Northeast

>> Thursday, February 07, 2013

Rain will spread into the Carolinas with time today, and then much of NC will have a soaking rain tonight. The heaviest rain totals will be the further east you go in the region, but most of us should see some decent totals.

Temps will ease into the 30s in some of the favored cold air damming spots tonight, but readings will remain above freezing, meaning no winter weather problems. 

Up in the mountains, this system will likely produce a mixed bag of precip types....probably some freezing rain involved at some point. Following the system, I expect a period of upslope snow later tomorrow and tomorrow night. 

This system will be a tremendous Winter storm for the Northeast. Some of the snow totals being printed out by some modeling are staggering. I will post some of those on Facebook and Twitter later today. 

While the exact totals are in question, the bottom line is that a huge, disruptive winter storm will impact much of the Northeast tomorrow and Saturday, and travel will be hugely impacted. 

Lots and lots of moving pieces on the forecast table next week.... please see the video for much more on all of this....


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