Dry and cool today and tomorrow... cold air damming setup begins Thursday night

>> Wednesday, February 20, 2013

 Quiet and cool today and tomorrow.... no problems....temps running somewhat below the February averages.

A well-defined cold air damming setup accompany our next storm system. I spend a lot of time and use a lot of graphics on this in today's video. Give it a look.

Initially, Thursday night, some spots could see some type of light rain/sleet/ and maybe even a few snowflake type of mixture. However, warmer air aloft will take over by Friday morning, and from that point forward, the precip will either be rain or freezing rain. That determination will come down to surface temperatures.

This will be a pronounced cold air damming setup. The high pressure, while anchored pretty far north (up in Canada), is strong and in pretty good position.

For the time being, I am favoring the idea of a period of light freezing rain or freezing drizzle, at least Friday morning, from roughly I-40 and points north. Let me stress this..... this does NOT look like a big, crippling ice storm at all. However, it does look like a scenario where some spots, especially elevated surfaces, could wind up with a glazing Friday morning.

Rain chances will continue Friday night into Saturday morning before the system departs.

Pattern ahead....

I touched on this in the video as well. I think the pattern for early March is one that is loaded with potential for winter weather fans. Now, that potential could certainly come up empty, but a lot of the things I look for in the longer-term pattern that would indicate at least the possibilities of winter weather look to be on the playing field. So we will see if anything comes of it.


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