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>> Thursday, February 14, 2013

Here's today's video....

Sunshine returns today with highs in the 50s.... pretty close to mid-February averages as a whole. Not bad at all for Valentine's Day!

We will squeeze in some milder temps tomorrow just ahead of an incoming front. However, the bottom then falls out of our temps this weekend with highs around 10 degrees or so below average in many spots.

Lots of upper level energy will accompany the trough this weekend. However, for snow fans, it appears this will be a case of some bad luck with some of the details. The trough will be oriented just a bit too far east, and the whole trough turns negative tilt just a bit too late to crank a big coastal low. It is close, but not quite there. So, at this point, a little light precip looks possible tomorrow night into Saturday, but nothing terribly significant. At least at this point....

Beyond, active times are on tap with an active storm track for the rest of the month. Time is starting to run somewhat short, but if I were an upper Southeast snow fan, I wouldn't completely throw the towel in yet.


Anonymous 9:56 AM  

Hey Matt,

Glad to see you back on your post website! Was wondering what happened for I kept coming back all this week and see no activities. Also, I am glad for showing your optimism for winter weather though time is starting to run out. I know snow is a rare thing here in Charlotte, but I hope we get to see at least one decent shot of winter weather before trees and flowers starts to blossom for spring. TK

Anonymous 12:19 PM  

Hey Matt, have you seen the last three or four runs of the NOGAPS for Saturday Night? I know the NOGAPS isnt used a lot, but now the GFS and NAM are also bringing the low further south. Do you think Eastern NC could get a mini snowstorm given the slightly negative NAO?


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