Cooler today... mild weekend ahead.... changes next week...

>> Thursday, December 06, 2012

It will be a much cooler day today around the region compared to what we had earlier in the week as cool high pressure wedges in from the northeast. Today will feel more like a typical December day.

However, a very mild December weekend is on the way, and some folks could again top 70 for highs, especially Sunday.

Next week....

We will have a cold front slide through Monday or Monday night and bring some showers and maybe a storm or two. No drought-busting rains here, but the rain amounts look a little better than our previous couple of systems.

Cool sunshine will be with us mid-week next week followed by a more active storm track setting up. It looks like we will head into a period featuring a storm system every few days, which is far different than what we've had recently. The next system could roll through the following Thursday with another one several days later.

Lots of very cold air will flood the northern US, and that cold air will try to bleed southward with time. The upcoming, new pattern does not look like one that will lock any sustained cold into the Southeast. However, it does look like an interesting pattern with the active storm track and the cold air not that far away, at least relative to the upper Southeast.

See today's video for much more...


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