More cool sunshine today...

>> Thursday, November 29, 2012

Again today, highs will be in the 50s under a clear sky. 60s will settle in for our weekend highs, and I still think some spots could hit 70 Monday or Tuesday ahead of our next front.

That next front will swing through by Wednesday and gradually transition us back to a cooler temperature regime. At this point, it looks like the more significant cold air might follow a second front toward the end of next week....see the video for more on this.


I have heard lots of rumblings about blow-torch warmth for December....I just don't really see it. Yes, it will be quite mild this weekend into the first couple of days of next week, but then we will have a couple of cold fronts move through and cool us down.

In looking at the overall indicators I like to look at, no, I do not see any sign of a cold and stormy pattern locking in. However, I also do not see any sign of extended periods of significant warmth as we head toward mid-December.

There has been a persistent trough near Alaska that has kept us from seeing any real sustained cold....and there are signs that we will see that feature at least weaken if not vanish later into December.

But even with that trough having been in place and us having a less than optimal overall setup for Southeast cold, it's been a chilly month of November. Greensboro is -3.9 for the month, Raleigh is -4.6, Charlotte is -2.8, and GSP is it has been pretty chilly overall.

Here's today's video:


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