High heat the next few days....Don in the Gulf

>> Thursday, July 28, 2011

Highs in many Piedmont spots will top out in the upper side of the 90s today. Around the I-95 corridor, it will likely be near 100. Highs tomorrow will likely be a degree or two hotter than today.

Unlike the previous heat wave, this time around, the humidity will not be nearly as oppressive, so the heat index values won't be as extreme.

A cold front drop in this weekend and bring some shower and storm chances from later Saturday through Sunday.


Don, located near the tip of the Yucatan, is not looking terribly healthy this morning. However, some strengthening is possible as it gets over the very warm Gulf waters.

Don will come ashore along the Texas coast by later tomorrow night.

The big story with Don will likely wind up being the beneficial rains it brings to parts of the severely drought-stricken areas of Texas.


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