Heat and humidity arriving....scattered storms too...

>> Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Here come the 90s....low to mid 90s for many of us today, then mid to upper 90s right on through the upcoming weekend. Not only will it be pretty hot, it will be muggy as well, and morning lows will only drop into the mid 70s most days.

A disturbance is rolling our way from the Midwest, and that will likely trigger some scattered storms this afternoon and evening. A few storms could produce some damaging winds and/or some hail.

Scattered storms will remain a possibility tomorrow, and then I only expect an isolated coverage Thursday and Friday before the coverage increases again over the weekend.

I still see signs of a break in the heat as we get into next work week.


Bret is behaving as expected and has begun a northeast motion, and the system will head between the US East coast and Bermuda. The only real impact Bret will have on the US is some increased surf and rip current potential for the Eastern Seaboard this week.


DoubleJ 7:20 AM  

Well it appears my birthday tomorrow will be a scorcher, but maybe not as hot as Thursday or Friday. I wish we had that wedging that played out last week in here now, lol.

Anonymous 5:02 PM  

Matt, I know this is only July, but I wonder if we are going to have colder winter later this year? Does the pattern calls for a colder winter if we have a hotter than normal summer prior?

Matthew East 4:30 AM  

DoubleJ....I hear ya. Happy birthday!

Anon....It is about the time of year where I start forming some Winter thoughts, but I haven't done that just yet.

DoubleJ 6:50 AM  

Thanks Matthew :)

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