The heat marches on...

>> Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Highs today and tomorrow will top out in the mid 90s in many places in our region. It will also be muggier over the next couple of days compared to what it has been on some recent you combine those two facts, and it will be pretty unpleasant outside the next couple of afternoons.

Today is also a Code Orange Air Quality Action day in much of the region.

Yesterday, it was interesting to watch the complex of storms that began the day in Ontario drop south and wind up in western North Carolina. It was fun to watch that drop our way through the day, then eventually die before reaching Charlotte. Today, there are no such complexes headed our way, so it will be up to daytime heating alone to trigger an isolated late afternoon or evening storm.

A weak front will slowly approach this weekend and bring in better scattered storm chance for the weekend.


The western Caribbean disturbance looks very disorganized this signs of development. Some computer modeling still tries to develop this thing, but I see no signs of that occurring as of now.

There is an old frontal boundary draped from the western Atlantic down to the Greater Antilles....and you do have to watch the tail-end of these fronts for tropical development this time of year.


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