Soupy airmass remains in place...

>> Wednesday, May 11, 2011

What a line of storms overnight! I knew when I did a quick check of the radar at 9pm prior to bed and a rough night was likely in store for parts of the region. I could see already that a MCV (mesoscale convective vortex....or a tiny low pressure area formed by intense storms) had developed in eastern Kentucky, and that was making a direct path for western NC and much of SC. Indeed it did. An intense line of storms with damaging winds, heavy rain, and tremendous lightning ripped through the mountains, foothills, southern Piedmont, and a good chunk of South Carolina overnight.

We remain in a soupy airmass the next couple of days, and in this type of airmass, a few showers or storms can pop up really at any point in time.

I also still expect the chances of showers and storms to increase this weekend.

Below is today's edition of the video....I discuss all of this and more....


DoubleJ 1:35 PM  

Wow Matthew, it was intense. I'm in the University area, and was under intense hail for about 10-15 minutes. I'm shocked I had no damage to my car, but a lot of it was blowing sideways, and so I wonder if that may have saved me on that front. It was loud though, and about golf ball sized.

Matthew East 3:16 PM  

Wow, that is surprising that you didn't have damage if you had galfball hail. Had some hail out our place too, but it was fairly small...

Anonymous 11:54 PM  

That's wonderful that there was no damage to your car... praise God! I live in E. Charlotte off Lawyers and nearby Albemarle Rd and still have yet to see hail storm. They've been coming here this spring but just keep missing them!


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