Scattered showers and storms this afternoon...

>> Friday, May 06, 2011

After another fairly chilly start to the day, highs should warm toward the lower 70s in much of the Piedmont this afternoon. A disturbance is rolling our way, and it will coincide with the heating of the day to bring the chance of some scattered showers and storms. While the severe threat is low, due to the cold, dry nature of the air aloft, some small hail and gusty winds are possible with any storms.

Several disturbances are heading our way over the next week, and we will be in a warm, soupy, fairly unsettled pattern ahead....details in today's video....


Anonymous 2:33 PM  

So is this week going to be all-wash out through-out, and not see the sun again until next weekend?

Also, I am sure you noticed this as much as I have - so far, this spring seems a bit cooler and wetter than norm. It seems I have to mow my yard every other week just to keep up from grass getting too tall. Could this be a preview of summer? Do you think we are going to have cooler summer? Well, first day of summer is just over a month away.


Matthew East 5:18 AM  

TY....I don't have a great feel for the summer....but I don't think it will be nearly as hot as last year....of course, that isn't saying much!

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