>> Wednesday, April 27, 2011

It was amazing to watch the line of storms rip through Mississippi and Alabama early this morning. An incredibly intense line of storms roared through that region, and just an amazing amount of wind (and some embedded tornado) damage occurred. Some of the images coming in from that area are incredible. Over 250,000 people are without power in Alabama alone...definitely not good news with another round of severe weather on the way.

But that was only round one....the second round, and the round that will pose a very significant tornado risk, will develop in MS and AL later today, and those potentially tornadic storms will try to lift into southeastern TN and northwestern GA by this evening.

A rare 'high' risk of severe weather remain in effect for that area, and in that 'high' risk area, some dangerous, long-track tornadoes are possible.
For the Carolinas, I expect scattered storms to fire off later today and extend into this evening. I do not have a lot of confidence in what the coverage of storms will be today, but any storms that do form could grow severe. A number of the severe weather parameters you look for will be in place this afternoon and evening, and while the biggest threat today will be off to our west, we will need to watch all storms closely.

Eventually, later tonight, a potent line of storms will move into the Carolinas and exit the I-85 corridor by mid-morning tomorrow. Damaging winds and some embedded tornadoes will be possible within that line.

Here is where I will state that once again, every home needs to have a NOAA weather radio. There could very well be warnings required overnight, and you need to have some way of getting awakened if warnings are necessary.


Anonymous 2:29 PM  

im hearing we may be looking at supercells instead of a squall line tonight. Is this true?

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