Severe weather in the South today...

>> Saturday, March 26, 2011

The SPC has put out a 'moderate' risk of severe weather for portions of Alabama and Mississippi this afternoon into tonight, and a tornado watch will soon be issued. Frankly, the severe weather indices are through the roof. All of the ingredients necessary for a severe weather outbreak seem to be in place. Places such as Birmingham and Starkville were already into the lower 70s for temps as of 11am central time, and dewpoints were in the low to mid 60s. The cloud cover is also broken enough that intervals of sun are getting through.

A similar setup to today that is being discussed is March 27, 1994. That was the infamous Palm Sunday tornado outbreak. There are some differences (such as that day, the tornadoes wound up making it all of the way up into the southern Piedmont of NC...that won't happen today), but for Alabama especially, the setup is very similar. Sky-high indices, a front draped west-to east across the north-central part of the state, and a primed atmosphere. Like that day 17 years ago, the severe weather will likely come in multiple waves this afternoon into tonight...not just one big round of severe weather.

For NC, a chilly, dreary day with many Piedmont spots in the 40s. Feels like Winter out there.


Anonymous 4:35 PM  

Any chance we will see some decent thunderstorms any time soon? I would love to have a good outbreak, it keeps my adrenaline going! But I don't want any injuries.

Anonymous 11:26 PM  

11:22pm 3/26 - Circular anomaly indicated in the south eastern region of Alabama and borders with Georgia and Florida.

Java Radar Loop -

Anonymous 11:44 PM  

I really hate this kind of weather. I know we need to rain. But I hate these stupid cold air damming events. They make weather here so dreadfully boring and uninteresting. Why can't we just have an event without this crap? Is every spring like this around here? Can we never get severe weather. If not I don't think I like it here very much.

Anonymous 12:09 AM  

Still a possibility of some snow around April Fool's Day...?

Anonymous 10:57 AM  

@ Anonymous #3 - with some of the anomalies I'm seeing on radar, severe weather is extremely unpredictable. These anomalies will only occur on radar for maybe 10-15 minutes and then they're gona again. So it's hard to show in a forecast unless it's recorded at that specific time it's occuring.

A site that's worth watching is

This site indicates the amount of radioactivity in the jet stream coming from Fukushima. This is more serious than forecastors are aloud to publicly announce because they'll most likely lose their job if they do.

Anonymous 3:18 PM  

Looks like some snow might actually happen in northern NC counties!!

Matthew East 5:32 PM  

Yeah, I will take a long, hard look at things in the morning. Just kind of been glancing at the medium range over the weekend. Will dig in tomorrow morning.

Yeah, this type of weather is definitely not good for outdoor activities (or getting severe weather...although the lightning at 42 degrees last night was interesting), but there is something about a cloudy, chilly day that I enjoy at times.

Thanks for all of the comments.

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