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>> Monday, September 13, 2010

What I anticipated to be a terrific day of college football last Saturday wound up being kind of....meh. Of course, a so-so day of college football is exponentially better than a terrific sports day in July, so it is all about perspective, as Dr. Wax (college meteorology professor) used to say.

Some random thoughts, in no particular order....

-Alabama is good.....very good. Granted, I don't think Penn State is exactly a world-beater, but that was a far more dominating game than even the score indicated. The Big 10 never, ever seems to do well against the SEC, and this was definitely no exception. As for Alabama, if anybody, anywhere, had any doubts as to Trent Richardson's abilities, those were quickly done away with. That guy is a freak...a rare combination of incredible power with agility and speed. Oh yeah....and their QB has never lost a game he started, and they have a couple of NFL-caliber WRs. Now throw the Heisman Trophy winner back into the equation....yikes. I still think they will likely lose somewhere along the line, but good luck trying to figure out when.

-South Carolina just might very well be the team to beat in the SEC East. With a win Saturday over Georgia, they have overcome a hurdle that normally trips them up. And the second factor that makes me say that is....

-Florida's offense continues to really struggle. They pulled away late in the game against South Florida, but it was a struggle for quite a while. Sure gives me the idea that the SEC East will be decided November 13 in The Swamp.

-Just a painful loss for my MSU Bulldogs to Auburn Thursday night. Some people say that those were two bad teams duking it out. I don't think so. I think it was two good teams scratching and clawing. The game was right there for the taking for State, and too many missed opportunities did us in. Credit to Auburn...they will win a lot of games this year, and Cam Newton is the real deal.

-Virginia Tech....classic case of a team just not emotionally recovering from a game against Boise State where they simply left it all out on the field. Or maybe they are just that bad. But I doubt it. However, this VT loss to James Madison likely ended (or darn close to ended) the national title chances for Boise State.

-Florida State.....still really bad on defense. Of course, that Oklahoma offense makes most defenses look bad.

- Ohio State....tough to know how good Miami is, but Ohio State is good. Many wondered if the Hurricanes were a mature enough team to go into Columbus and get a win.....not yet.

-Tennessee played a great game against Oregon....for a half. Then the Ducks simply squeezed the life out of the Vols and sent 102,000 home wet and unhappy.

- LSU- Good defense...putrid offense. It will be a battle down in Baton Rouge this Saturday night when my Bulldogs travel down there. It is beyond difficult to win a night game down there, but it should be an entertaining game.

-The, that was a bad weekend. This conference is trying hard to gain respectability in the football arena.....weekends like that one don't help. However, NC State had a nice win, and Virginia was very close out in LA.

Well, that's about enough for now...I might type up some NFL talk later in the week....


Robert Elvington 7:23 AM  

NC State Darkhorse BCS champion?!?!?!?!?

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