Scattered storms....

>> Wednesday, July 28, 2010

It was a very unsettled Tuesday around the region with areas of rain and storms meandering about through the day. Lots of rain fell in a good number of locations, and a few severe storms occurred.

Today, while we will see scattered storms, they will be fewer in number than yesterday. It will also be warmer than yesterday with highs in the upper 80s to lower 90s.

A cold front will drop into the area late tomorrow, and more scattered storms are likely. But the big story is what will settle in behind the front.

A big-time decrease in humidity is on tap for Friday and possibly Saturday we well, and that will be a welcome change for many. Highs will be in the lower 90s with lows Saturday morning well down into the 60s.

There is some disagreement amongst the modeling for Sunday and Monday. The GFS is indicating the chance of a few scattered storms, while the European and the Canadian are indicating more of a widespread, overrunning type of rain event. Let's give this a few more model cycles to see how this pans out....


Anonymous 4:25 PM  

Hey Matthew i dont know why but i am not able too see your videos i use to watch them all them time but for some reason the viedo box is blank with an x in the upper left any idea whats wrong.


Matthew East 5:05 AM  

Nic....looks fine on my end. Are you using IE, Firefox, Safari, what??

Anonymous 6:55 AM  

using IE i mean it has been working but the last few days i dont know whats happend kinda irritating to me because i watch your viedos everyday.


Matthew East 2:59 PM  

Nic....I am not sure what the issue is. This is the first I have heard of it. Maybe some portion of IE needs a software update?? I am a Firefox guy, so I don't have a lot to do with IE on a daily basis.

Anonymous 11:28 PM  

Hey matthew yeah its the flash player it needs updating but cant do so because it will not allow me i do have firefox so mabe a switch to that, anyway thank you for your help.

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