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>> Monday, March 15, 2010

Back in the saddle this morning. Thanks for all of the well-wishes. I continue to battle a lot of knee swelling...we will see what the doctor says later this week.

Give this morning's video a watch....even though the weather is fairly quiet, there are some interesting things to look at.

Wow, just a heart-breaking loss for my Bulldogs yesterday to Kentucky. They absolutely played their guts out, were leading by 5 points with :30 seconds left, and Kentucky winds up tipping the ball in with 0.1 left to send the game to overtime. Now, I don't like complaining about officiating, and overall, the game was officiated fairly well. But, at the end of the game, two errors really hurt MSU. With 4.9 seconds left, KY intentionally misses a FT, and John Wall commits and obvious lane violation. That doesn't get called. Not only that, the clock did not start on time, so the shot that went in with 0.1 left should never have wound up counting. And just to add insult to injury, it winds up MSU did not receive an at-large bid to the NCAA tournament.

Sorry to the vent here. I love Mississippi State, and those guys gave it everything they had. To come up short like that is just painful.

OK, enough of that. On to the weather. A big upper low is spinning off of the New England coast and continues to cause lots of beach erosion issues and interior flooding up that way. Around here, we are too far removed from the low for any precipitation, but we will continue to see a good amount of cloud cover at times the next few days. Highs today will be near 60, and it will be fairly breezy at times.

A delightful finish to the week is ahead for Friday and Saturday. Look for lots of sunshine and highs warming to around 70. A strong cold front will move through Sunday, bringing a chance of showers. Behind the front, it will be significant colder for Monday.


DoubleJ 8:53 AM  

Welcome back Matthew, hope you are doing well.

Matthew East 3:00 AM  

Thanks! I appreciate it!

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