Climbing out of the freezer....

>> Wednesday, January 13, 2010

We will see a nice warming trend around here over the next couple of days. Look for 40s for highs today with 50s tomorrow and Friday.

Still looks like a moisture-packed system will cruise through the region this weekend. I still think the period from Saturday night into Sunday is the most likely time for rain around North Carolina. Modeling continues to trend away from the potential for any freezing rain. There will be cold air damming taking place, but it does not look like the parent high over the Northeast will be strong enough to push surface temps below freezing.

I still expect the next couple of weeks to be much milder overall than how we have started the month, but I still anticipate a pattern change back to colder weather sometime by the end of the month or early February....


Anonymous 9:56 AM  

Thanks Matt! I've got a trip to Blowing Rock come February 4th. Do you think the cold air pattern will be back by then? I really don't want to go to the mountains when it's WARM....that's like going to the beach when it's COLD? That's just weird! :)

I'm hoping for a nice northwest flow snow event with a nice 1-3 inches while I'm there.


Matthew East 4:58 AM  

I would imagine we would have gone back to a colder pattern by then, but I don't have a good feeling about a definite date just yet.

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