Sunday morning Ida thoughts....

>> Sunday, November 08, 2009

Ida is looking pretty healthy this morning and is near Category 2 hurricane strength as I am typing this. I expect strengthening to continue today. Some slow weakening will then likely occur as Ida get over cooler waters in the northern Gulf of Mexico and the system begins to feel the effect of more hostile upper level winds.

I think there is a good chance Ida comes ashore somewhere between southeastern Louisiana and the extreme western Florida panhandle.

It gets interesting after that up the I-85 corridor from Georgia through the Carolinas. It sure looks like this area will have the potential for heavy rains as Ida interacts with a storm system approaching from the west. It is too soon for the details to be clear, but the potential is there for several inches of rain along the I-85 corridor.

A lot of modeling then bombs out what was once Ida as an extra-tropical system just off of the Outer Banks. This would provide gales for portions of the eastern Seaboard, and could give the interior Carolinas a very chilly, showery day behind the main system.

Interesting system.......I will have a new edition of the video and lots more information posted early Monday morning.....


Tyler Legg 2:47 PM  

If only there was cold air to work with...

Matthew East 6:38 AM doubt!

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