Sunshine returns!

>> Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Above is today's edition of the Carolina Weather Video....still re-installing items after the computer crash here at work, but I have enough ready to churn out a video for today.

After a stretch of cool, dreary, and rainy weather, sunshine will make its return for this St. Patrick's Day. This morning will see low clouds and some fog, but sunshine should work in with time in most spots, and highs will warm into the low to mid 60s.

Tomorrow looks fantastic with lots of sun and highs in the upper 60s to near 70. We will still be warm Thursday with highs not far from 70, but then a cold front will sweep in late Thursday and bring some weather changes.

First off, a few showers will be possible late Thursday and Thursday evening. Then some chillier air arrives for Friday and into the weekend. Highs will be in the 50s Friday and Saturday with lows near or below freezing over the weekend. Good news is right now I expect a dry weekend with a good deal of sunshine.

Off to another prenatal appointment this morning. We are rolling down the home stretch is the 38 week appointment. Due date is less than two weeks away!


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