Sunday Night....

>> Sunday, July 20, 2008

Cristobal continues to pull away from the Outer Banks tonight. Behind this system, we will have some downsloping winds tomorrow, and that will lead to a hot day with highs in the upper 90s across much of the Piedmont, especially the southern Piedmont.

A cold front drops in here mid-week and brings some showers and storms. Wednesday looks like the day with the highest overall rain chance.

Elsewhere in the tropics, Dolly will cross the Yucatan tomorrow and emerge in the southern Gulf. To me, it looks like Dolly will be able to likely strengthen into a hurricane before its second landfall in northern Mexico or south Texas. And it might strengthen to more than a Category 1 hurricane.

Please note I have RSS feeds set up on the right-hand column updating the NHC products on Cristobal and Dolly.

A massive tropical wave is emerging off of Africa, and that will likely become another tropical system later in the week. That one might try to make a run toward the U.S. around the very first part of August.


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