Rainy Sunday Morning...

>> Sunday, November 30, 2008

A steady, soaking rain greeted us this morning, and we will have continues chances of rain as the remainder of today unfolds. However, through the afternoon hours, the rain will be more scattered in nature that what we have seen this morning. Temps will remain in the chilly 40s all day.

Drier air will work in tomorrow, and it will be breezy tomorrow afternoon as that drier air arrives.

We will see lots of sunshine Tuesday and Wednesday, and then an arctic cold front will move through Thursday. The airmass behind that front is truly arctic in nature, and that is the type of airmass that will wind up significantly lower than what the computer model numbers (MOS data, specifically) show ahead of time. With my forecast package this morning, I have significantly undercut the MOS numbers Friday through Sunday.

As for precip, our peek-a-boo storm system for next weekend continues to play hide and seek with us on the modeling. There is just simply no way to know exactly how things will unfold at this point. I will continue to mention the possibility of a storm system at some point over the weekend or early the following week, but that is as specific as I can be right now.

Should be fun to watch the Panthers up at Lambeau this afternoon....some snow will likely fall during the game with temps in the 30s and gusty northeasterly winds.

Everyone have a great Sunday. I will be back in my normal Triad morning shift tomorrow morning, and I should have a new edition of the Carolina Weather Video posted very early tomorrow morning.


Anonymous 8:13 AM  


I have noticed the storm has been going back and forth alot between the weekend and the first part of the week. Also i have this storm has been on the models for several days now so maybe we will get some snow. The models i have looked at seem to switch every run on precip type and timing.



Matthew East 9:11 AM  

Gerald....oh yeah, the models are really going to struggle trying to resolve both the arctic air this week and the storm system potential thereafter....lots of model flips on the way.

I am with you....bring on the snow!

junior weather man 5:58 PM  


i have been tracking the modeling systems with you that you have posted.... i am really hoping for some snow! It would be great to see the snow precip. amounts on the tv screen again on the Weather on the Ones!! i am hoping for 3-6" of snow (or more)... lets just wait and see... i will keep posted.
Brian (lawndale,NC)

Anonymous 9:55 PM  

i see all the models are still pretty much trending towards a sizeable storm for now...also you guys seem to be the only ones picking up on the arctic air coming this week....i wonder why other stations havent picked up on that yet...

Anonymous 12:28 AM  

i know it's still a ways away, and nothing is certain...but i will say according to the models tonight, things are beginning to look very interesting next week....hope it plays out

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