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>> Saturday, February 09, 2008

Below is my posting from is the weather word for Sunday. Then colder Sunday night and Monday.




TONIGHT: Mostly clear and chilly. Low 35.

SUNDAY: Sunny and quite windy. High 61.


We enjoyed some delightful Saturday weather with highs well up into the 60s...even some lower 70s.

Tonight, the sky will be mostly clear and most lows will settle into the mid 30s.

We will see lots of sun for Sunday as well, and highs will be in the lower 60s. However, it will become very windy by Sunday afternoon. I think winds will be in the 15-25mph range, with some gusts to 35mph possible. Up in the mountains, it will be even windier with some 60-70mph gusts possible.

The fire danger will be very high Sunday, so please avoid doing any outdoor burning.

Colder air will settle in Sunday night with lows in the 20s by Monday morning. Highs will then be in the 40s Monday afternoon.

Our next rain chance arrives Tuesday and lingers into Wednesday.



>> Friday, February 08, 2008

While there is quite a bit of less-than-stellar programming on network television these days, I wanted to take a few moments and talk about some excellent shows that, if you are not watching, deserve a look.

First of all, I love Friday Night Lights. The show has always been a little ratings-challenged, but it has never missed a beat in delivering tremendously well-composed, heart-felt stories and characters so real you can almost taste them. In short, the show is just excellent.

FNL is in its second season, and due to the strike, tonight's episode will likely be the final episode this season....and possibly ever. This show is right on the brink of being given the ax by NBC due to ratings, so if there is ever a night to tune in, it is tonight. 9pm NBC.

My wife and I have both been fans of ER since the beginning. While the drama is not quite to the level it once was in its glory days, it is still a gripping hour of television. ER is out of new episodes presently due to the strike, but hopefully new episodes will be made for the end of the season.

We also love 24, but the strike has probably put the new season off until late least the fall.

In terms of comedies, I am a huge fan of The Office and 30 Rock. Both shows really deliver the goods, and if you are in the mood for laughs, that is a good place to start. Both shows are out of new episodes due to the strike, but it appears more episodes will be produced for April or May.

And finally, Lost. Quite simply, this is the best show on television. Not only is the overall plot insanely addictive and interesting, but the most under-appreciated side of Lost is its story-telling. Lost leaves you satisfied, yet wanting more after each episode. Lost is now two episodes into its new season, and I don't think it is possible for me to like a show any more than this one.

And, don't forget, for local news, weather, and sports....go with News 14 Carolina. You knew I had to get that in there....


Super Tuesday Tornado Outbreak....

>> Thursday, February 07, 2008

Very quiet weather for the Carolinas through the weekend. Highs in the Piedmont will be in the upper 50s to possibly lower 60s with lows mainly in the 30s.

The details with our next storm system are up in the air, but I am mentioning rain chances in the forecast Tuesday night and especially Wednesday.

Information continues to roll in regarding the tragic Super Tuesday Tornado Outbreak. Here is an amazing story about an 11 month old boy.

Here is a radar loop from the Nashville NWS of the event...

Lawrence County Alabama tornado radar loop...

Here is some great information compiled by the National Weather Service....

Info from the Birmingham NWS

Info from the Memphis NWS

Info from the Huntsville NWS

Info from the Little Rock NWS

Info from the Nashville NWS


Cool and Quiet

Those are the weather words the next few days. Actually, it will be fairly comfortable in the afternoon and somewhat cold at night, but you get the idea. Lots of sunshine will abound.

Not much time this morning, so no video today. However, I will post a more detailed discussion later this afternoon or evening.

My latest Skier's Outlook is up on SkiNC and SkiSoutheast this morning. In short...the weekend looks great...


Cool and Quiet

Those are the weather words the next few days. Actually, it will be fairly comfortable in the afternoon and somewhat cold at night, but you get the idea. Lots of sunshine will abound.

Not much time this morning, so no video today. However, I will post a more detailed discussion later this afternoon or evening....


Evening wrap-up....

>> Wednesday, February 06, 2008

The showers and storms that raced well out ahead of the cold front and into our area early this afternoon effectively ended any severe weather chances in the western Piedmont. I don't think many folks are complaining.

Looks like that early afternoon activity was driven eastward by outflow boundaries from earlier intense storms over Tennessee and Alabama. Had that activity hung back in the mountains, our atmosphere would probably have been unstable enough for severe weather when the dynamics arrived at mid to late afternoon.

Like I said complaints with the lack of severe weather...would have liked to see more in the way of rain though.


3pm Update...

The pre-frontal band of showers and thunderstorms has not allowed much instability to build in the Triad or Charlotte viewing regions. A few storms went severe over northeastern Tennessee over the past couple of hours, but they have since weakened.

The cold front, and the best shear just ahead of it, will move through later this afternoon into early evening.

With instability lacking, I don't expect any huge problems with severe weather. However, there could be a couple of strong to severe storms.

Tragically, the death toll continues to rise with last night's severe weather outbreak. My prayers are with all of those affected.


11:30am Update...

Showers and some storms, well out ahead of the cold front, have advanced into portions of the foothills. As expected, the storms have greatly weakened, as as I am typing this, no watches or warnings are in effect for the region.

The showers and storms advancing well out ahead of the front might serve to limit severe weather potential in the Charlotte and Triad region...we shall see.

However, the atmosphere is becoming more unstable with time. Generally speaking, locations east of I-85 have warmed into the low to mid 70s, and dewpoints in the lower 60s are trying to creep northward from South Carolina.

We will continue to monitor radar trends this afternoon and evening.


Wednesday Morning...

Click above to play

All eyes are on our severe weather possibilities today. Please see this morning's video for lots of information.

With the thickness values we have in place, it will only take some peeks of sunshine to pop our temperatures up into the low 70s today. And based on the satellite images (I am doing this update prior to daybreak), I think we will see that. Dewpoints are in the 50s, and they should gradually climb today. If we can get dewpoints into the lower 60s and temperatures into the lower 70s, then severe weather will likely be a problem. The Storm Prediction Center has places all of the Carolinas in a 'slight' risk for severe weather today.

The main time-frame for this event looks to be this afternoon, possibly into early evening. Damaging winds will likely be the biggest concern, but isolated tornadoes will be possible if we do indeed see a little sun this morning. Some small hail also looks possible.

I will be on the air on News 14 Carolina this afternoon for the Charlotte and Triad regions. Have a reliable way of hearing weather watches and warnings today if you are away from the TV, and keep it tuned to News 14 Carolina for all of the very latest weather information.


Midsouth Severe Weather...

>> Tuesday, February 05, 2008

A major tornado outbreak is occurring in parts of Arkansas, Tennessee, Mississippi, and some surrounding areas. Numerous tornadoes have touched down, and some of the intial damage reports sound bad. Thoughts and prayers are will all of those affected.


Severe Weather Possibilities...

Today will be a warm and dry one here in the Piedmont with highs up into the lower 70s.

Meanwhile, a significant outbreak of severe weather looks likely off to our west in parts of Louisiana, Mississippi, Arkansas, Tennessee, Alabama, and Kentucky today and tonight. In fact, as I am typing this, the SPC has put out a 'high' risk of severe weather over parts of Arkansas and northwest Misssissippi, including the Memphis area of Tennessee. Tornadoes will be a big threat in those areas this afternoon and tonight, and there will probably be a good bit of damaging wind as well.

The timing of the storm system for our area continues to gradually slow down, and I now think we will see most of our shower and thunderstorm activity tomorrow during the afternoon hours. That will mean our atmosphere has more time to become unstable, and therefore, I am concerned about severe weather potential. The SPC has all of the Carolinas in a 'slight' risk area for severe weather tomorrow.

It looks like damaging winds will be the main threat, but a few isolated tornadoes will be possible as well. Keep it tuned to News 14 Carolina for all of your weather information.

Please see the video for lots of good information.

I also need to note that is looks like we will see a big blast of colder air in here Sunday and Monday of next week...we will talk about that more with time.

That's it for now. I am off today, but I might post some more information if time allows this evening. And I will definitely have more information about our severe weather potential as we get into tomorrow. Stay tuned!


Monday Bullet-Points

>> Monday, February 04, 2008

  • Some showers possible today as a warm front lifts through our area.
  • Tomorrow will be very warm and dry...highs easily into the 70s around the region.
  • Modeling is continuing to slow down the timing of our next storm system. It now looks like our mid-week system will move through during the day Wednesday.
  • Rain and storms are a good bet Wednesday, and we will have to watch for severe weather issues as Wednesday unfolds. Off to our west, this has the makings of a significant severe weather outbreak over Mississippi, Alabama, Tennessee and Kentucky as we go through tomorrow and tomorrow night. We will then see how the storms hold together as they approach the Carolinas.

Everyone have a wonderful Monday. See the video for details of the next few days.


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