Warmer weather

>> Friday, January 04, 2008

Tonight could very well be the last sub-freezing night here in the Piedmont for at least a week. In fact, I think we could see some communities touch 70 degrees Monday afternoon as our temperature roller coaster ride continues.

Our next rain chances still looks on tap later Tuesday into Wednesday.

The ski conditions up in the mountains are fantastic, and I encourage you to get up there this weekend if you would like. I provide some content for SkiNC and SkiSoutheast, and since this will be such a nice weekend for skiing, I thought I would post my Ski Video here.

Enjoy the weekend!


Thursday Evening....

>> Thursday, January 03, 2008

Brr again.....after lows in the teens this morning, we are headed there again tonight. In fact, I think many communities could be a tick or two colder than this morning's values, assuming the high clouds over the Tennessee Valley remain south of here.

If you are tired of the cold weather...warmer air is coming. It still looks like 60s for highs by Sunday. Check the video for details.

How about ocean-effect snow flurries in northern Florida this morning...cool stuff!



>> Wednesday, January 02, 2008

It was good to have several days off to spend with family and friends....had a good time. But, it is also good to be back home again. I think that amount time out of town was just about the right length for us....seemed just long enough before it was time to get back home.

Cold weather has engulfed the region. Highs barely struggled above the freezing mark in the Piedmont today while the mountains were in the teens at best. Upslope snows have continued in the mountains today and will taper off tonight.

Here in the Piedmont, we will be in the teens tonight and again Friday morning with 30s for highs again Thursday. But, we will be right back above average for high temps this weekend into early next work week. Our next storm system will likely bring us some rain by later next Wednesday.

I hope you all had a great New Year! I look forward to heading through 2008 with you here on the blog and on television. Thanks so much for stopping by and reading...and spread the word to others you think might enjoy reading.

Let's make it a great year....


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