Wednesday November 8, 2006

>> Wednesday, November 08, 2006

I wanted to take a second to check in. Thanks for the congrats below...I appreciate it. We are all still doing very well. Just got my oldest daughter off to pre-school this morning. Our nearly 2 year old and the newborn are helping clean up the house a bit this morning. Three kids under 4 years old....we are tremendously blessed, it is a lot of fun, and there is never a dull moment!

On to other matters, the weather is not just my job, it is my hobby as well. I am a weather nut, and I just enjoy everything about weather and the forecasting of it. So, while I am not making specific forecasts for on-air during my time off, I can't help but keep track of things and the general trends that lie ahead.

A decent shot of colder air wil arrive later this weekend behind a cold front that swings through Saturday. Look for some showers and possibly a storm or two as the front moves through Saturday. Sunday will be chillier with highs probably not making it out of the 50s.

The models are still all over the place with the details for next week, but in general, look for a storm system to move through mid-week with a big plunge of cold air surging in behind that storm system. Wednesday through Friday could wind up being pretty wet around here with occasional rain and maybe some storms. That system could provide some severe weather for the Lower Mississippi Valley and the Deep South. But by next weekend (18th and 19th), I think we will see a big blast of cold air in place around here and for most of the nation east of the Rockies.

And just for giggles, the GFS has occasionally been indicating an east coast storm system sometime Thanksgiving week. Obviously this is out in fantasy-land on the model, but it was indicating some snow for the New England states on the runs that showed that storm system. Again, nothing to get excited about yet, but a sure sign that we are getting close to the winter season around here!

Everyone have a great day, and I will try to post from time to time.


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