Heat to back down....

>> Friday, May 04, 2012

As we head through the weekend, the heat will gradually back down. By the time we get to Monday, most highs will be in the 70s.

A few showers and storms are possible today and tonight, and then I expect a pretty good coverage of showers and storms tomorrow as a cold front approaches.

It looks like the front will move slowly enough to maintain at least some chance of some showers and storms Sunday. Monday looks dry.

Some model differences in the handling of a big tough next week....see the video for more:


Pinnacle of the heat today. . .

>> Thursday, May 03, 2012

Highs will surge above the 90 degree mark for many in the region today, and record highs will be challenged. Some select record highs today:

Greensboro: 92
Charlotte: 94
Raleigh: 93
Wilmington: 94
Asheville: 85
GSP: 91

A disturbance will roll in from the west and give better shower and storm chances to the region tomorrow. A cold front then drops in from the north this weekend, giving us more shower and storm chances Saturday. Sunday's weather depends on how far south the front drops.

Today is the pinnacle of the heat with temperatures backing down as we head through the weekend.

All kinds of details in today's video:


Near-record warmth...

>> Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Highs will surge to near record levels over the next few days. Here are a few records for today:

Greensboro: 91
Charlotte: 91
Raleigh: 92
Greenville-Spartanburg: 91
Asheville: 88
Wilmington: 91

A few isolated storms are possible today as well, although most spots will likely stay dry.

The heat will remain with us through the end of the week, but at least somewhat of a pattern break is in sight. See today's video for more:


Summer preview underway...

>> Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Here is today's edition of the Carolina Weather Video . . .

Warmth continue to build across the region with highs today well into the 80s. More and more lower 90s will work into the region tomorrow and Thursday, and highs should hold in the range through Saturday.

Not only will be be very warm, it will be fairly muggy too. So this is indeed a full-on Summer preview.

I do expect some scattered storms to fire this afternoon and evening, and then at least an isolated PM storm can't be ruled out tomorrow through Friday. The storm chances will likely increase a bit as we head into the weekend.


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