Unsettled conditions...

>> Thursday, July 02, 2015

Scattered showers and storms through the holiday weekend.

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June Sizzler in Greensboro

>> Wednesday, July 01, 2015

This month was hot indeed. Maybe not the hottest as far as the record books go but still impressive. To get a perspective the the average high for the month of June is 84.8 and this past month we averaged a high of 88.6 - that's almost 4 degrees above the normal for June. 

In terms of standard deviations we were just shy of two on the bell curve, 1.98 in fact. That puts us in the five percent range, so very abnormal month for sure. We, however, had two days at the beginning of the month that only broke into the 60's for highs and that killed our chances for hottest month on record for June.

Where we will end up is 13 hottest June. The Hottest June average high temperature on record was 93.5 that was set on June 1914. The hottest temperature we recorded this month was... drum-roll... 97. While we broke many daily records we did not break a monthly record that was set in, no surprise 1914, of 104 degrees Fahrenheit.  We had a streak of 14 days above 90 degrees. Hopefully we don't see that again this summer. 

After a hot month of June, July is forecast to be above normal from our friends at the Climate Prediction Center. In fact the rest of summer is forecast to be above normal but fingers crossed hope we don't break any more records.

Ross Whitley


Quieter day today...

More active tomorrow and Friday, then pretty decent holiday weekend weather.

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Scattered storms back with us today

>> Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Plus, a look at the upcoming holiday weekend weather in today's video:


Great Monday weather

>> Monday, June 29, 2015

Fantastic Monday weather, then typical summertime stuff ahead this week.

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