Omaha Bound!

>> Saturday, June 09, 2007

Congrats to my Mississippi State Bulldogs as they finished off a Super Regional sweep of a very talented Clemson team this afternoon in Starkville. I live and breathe Mississippi State athletics, and in big games like today, I hang on every pitch. So, I am actually quite tired now....the adrenaline has left me. I know, I was just watching....but I love this stuff.

By the way, over 12,600 people piled into Dudy-Noble to watch yesterday's game, and today the attendence was in excess of 13,700. In fact, MSU actually was showing the game on the jumbotron inside The Hump (Humphrey Coliseum), MSU's basketball facility, so anybody who wanted to come in and watch.

Now, it is off to the College World Series where in its first game MSU will face the winner of the UNC-USC Super Regional.


Scattered evening storms...

>> Friday, June 08, 2007

The Triad and Charlotte regions will see some scattered storms this evening. Some storms will be locally strong to severe. Also, prolific lightning will be likely with the storms as well as some briefly heavy rain.

Keep it tuned to News 14 Carolina on television for all of the weather details.


North Myrtle Beach

>> Thursday, June 07, 2007

I had the opportunity to get down with my family to North Myrtle Beach for a couple of days early this week. Even though it wasn't long, it was a much-needed mental break where there were no schedules to keep, no appointments to make, etc...It was a nice 48 hours. One down side is that we passed around some sort of stomach virus...but the good news is that this virus only knocked you down for 10-12 hours. So, all was not lost.

We got back in town about 5:30 yesterday afternoon and immediately headed to church for my oldest daughter's end of the year party for Wednesday night activities. That was a good time. Both Jayden and Grace wound up getting to participate in the activities, and they had a blast.

So, back into the saddle at the big 14 today for the Triad market. Heat is the word through Saturday. Some scattered afternoon storms will also be possible tomorrow and Saturday afternoon. A nice breath of fresh air in the form of cooler temps and lower humidity values will arrive for Sunday and Monday.


Cool Visibile Satellite Images

>> Sunday, June 03, 2007

Really neat looking at the visible satellite images this afternoon...watching the remnants of Barry lift up the coast. You can go to this site and select Southeast US and the visible loop to see the animation.


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