Showers and storms today...

>> Friday, May 27, 2011

Some pretty mean storms moved up from South Carolina into portions of North Carolina last evening. Numerous severe thunderstorm warnings were issues, and a tornado warning was required for parts of York, Gaston, and Mecklenburg counties.

A good number of folks are still without power as of this typing....over 7k in both Gaston and Meck counties...over 8k in York. Lots of reports of tree damage as well.

Today, we are in a soupy airmass, and we will have disturbances trigger showers and storms at times. It will not rain all day, but we are fair game to see a shower or storm at any point today into tonight. Highs today will be held down...probably low 80s at most for the I 85 corridor.

The storm system will simply fall apart as the Memorial Day weekend unfolds. So, a few storms are possible tomorrow, but I then think many spots will be dry through Sunday and Monday. The heat will build with lower 90s again by Memorial Day.

It still looks hot Tuesday and Wednesday with highs likely well up into the 90s....but then we get into a northwest flow aloft for the second half of the week, meaning the heat will back down and some storms are possible.


More warmth today....showers and storms tomorrow...

>> Thursday, May 26, 2011

It was another pretty hot day across the region Wednesday, and again, the hottest temps were in the Sandhills and Coastal parts of the region.

Some select high temps...

Erwin: 99
Lumberton: 98
Fayetteville: 98
Laurinburg: 98
Wilmington: 97
Ft. Bragg: 97

Highs today will again warm into the low to mid 90s in many spots...maybe just shy of that in the Triad region.

It was indeed a big severe weather outbreak yesterday in the Ohio and Mississippi Valley areas. Here is the storm report map.
That system continues to crawl our way, weakening as it does so. Some storms are possible this afternoon in the mountains and western Upstate, but for the NC Piedmont, the chance of showers and storms should mainly arrive this evening and tonight with the bulk of the activity taking place tomorrow.

A few severe storms are possible with this system, but it will not be the same animal it was earlier in the week.

For the Memorial Day weekend, a few storms can't be ruled out Saturday and Sunday, but most spots will likely be dry. Highs by Sunday and Monday will return to the upper 80s and lower 90s.

I still expect some pretty hot weather through mid-week next week, but there are indications that the big ridge might shift to the western US by the end of the week, meaning a northwest flow here.


Storm system crawling our way...

>> Wednesday, May 25, 2011

First of all, some impressively-hot high temps in eastern parts of the region yesterday, including...

Fayetteville: 98
Lumberton: 98
Wilmington: 97
Erwin: 97
Laurinburg: 97
Manteo: 92

Also, there were some pretty mean storms in northern NC and southern VA, and numerous severe weather warnings were required.

At the same time, another huge severe weather outbreak was unfolding in the Plains, and that continued overnight. Unfortunately, it was another deadly tornado day and night.

Today, the big severe weather threat is in the Mississippi Valley region....and again, some strong tornadoes could be involved.

For our region, while a few isolated storms are possible, I expect most spots to remain dry with highs in the low to mid 90s...maybe some upper 90s again in eastern NC.

Our best shot at showers and storms will come Friday as that system, albeit in a weakened state, moves in.

A few storms could linger Saturday, but then I expect mostly dry weather Sunday and Monday with highs in the upper 80s and lower 90s.

It still looks like the heat will really crank for a while next week in much of the central and eastern US.


Tornado Watch...

>> Tuesday, May 24, 2011

A Tornado Watch is in effect for northern NC and southern VA late this afternoon and this evening. There is just enough shear and plenty of instability to support the chance of a few brief tornadoes in this area. Stay with News 14 Carolina for all of the latest weather information.

At the same time, the big tornado outbreak is underway in Oklahoma...already large tornadoes on the ground, and I am afraid this is the beginning of another violent tornado outbreak.


Get used to the heat and humidity....

Well, looks like we have kind of settled into this pattern for a while. Around the I-85 corridor, high clouds held temps down a bit yesterday, but I don't expect that today, and most highs should top 90 degrees. Raleigh topped 90 yesterday, and in the Sandhills, highs warmed into the mid 90s. Highs will remain in the low to in some spots mid 90s through Thursday.

Interesting to note a little MCV (mesoscale convective vortex) over eastern Arkansas this morning. It if survives, that would move into the Carolinas this afternoon. All in all, I expect a few afternoon storms, and while most spots will likely remain dry, the storms that do form will pack a punch with some gusty winds, hail, and lots of lightning.

A few PM storms remain possible tomorrow and Thursday, then look for a better coverage of storms for Friday.

See the video below for details about the 'high' risk of severe weather to our west today. I also discuss our weather ahead, including a possible continuation of the hot and humid pattern for much of next week.


Mid-Summer Weather...

>> Monday, May 23, 2011

Look for hot, humid condition most of this week with lots of highs in the lower 90s in the Piedmont and lows in the 60s. Some spots could hit the mid 90s at times.

While the most concentrated areas of showers and storms the next few days will be to our north and west, we are close enough to catch an outflow boundary from time to time, and I will mention daily chances of a few afternoon and evening showers and storms. Any storm that forms could produce some gusty winds, hail, and lots of lightning.

The coverage of showers and storms could increase Friday into Saturday as the next system approaches. At the moment, I will mention scattered storms for the rest of the Memorial Day weekend, but it doesn't look like a wash-out at this point.

Scroll below for some thoughts on the horrific Joplin, Missouri tornado.


Joplin, Missouri

It was sobering watching some of the live coverage on The Weather Channel last night as Mike Bettes found himself in Joplin, MO immediately after a violent tornado ripped through. Honestly, I have never seen anything like that on live television. In some ways, it felt like this shouldn't have been on live TV, but I think it served a needed purpose in getting the word out that help was needed....and needed now. But it was surreal seeing images like that so soon after it happened.

Looks like at least EF 4 damage to me....and the amount of destruction to major concrete and brick structures, is incredible. Looks like the Academy Sports, Home Depot, WalMart, and the St. John's Regional hospital all received major, major damage.

Joplin was no alone was a pretty nasty tornado outbreak as a whole.

My thoughts and prayers are with all of those impacted.


Heat with scattered storms...

>> Sunday, May 22, 2011

Today will be a very warm Sunday with highs up toward the upper 80s to even 90 in some spots. It will also be fairly humid.

A disturbance will scoot by to our northwest....close enough to likely fire some scattered storms later this afternoon and into this evening. It will be a hit and miss deal, and I would imagine the highest chances of rain in any one spot would be the farther north you go in the region overall. But that's not necessarily a hard and fast rule.

Below is a panel from the SPC-WRF for late this afternoon...
The Summer-like weather will be with us through mid-week with lots of highs pushing the lower 90s.


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