>> Saturday, August 11, 2007

Do you ever have that feeling where you just feel like you are in a haze? I am that way today. The kids have not been sleeping very well at all the past few nights, and I guess it finally caught up to me today. I know my on-air performance has not been at its best today, so hopefully more sleep will happen tonight.

On to the weather where drought conditions continue to worsen around the region. And with no widespread rain in the forecast, the drought will just roll on this week. We look to get a brief break from the humidity Tuesday, but it will be hot and humid again for the end of the week.

The tropics are getting a little more interesting. There are some showers and storms in the Caribbean, but the overall prospects for development there look somewhat small right now. However, a healthy tropical wave has emerged off of the African coast, and that wave should become our next tropical system within the next couple of days. In fact, I think there is a strong chance that the system will become a hurricane sometime within the next week.

It is interesting to note that most computer modelling keeps this system on a generally westward course throughout the Atlantic, increasing the chances of a U.S. landfall. So, I feel this system wil be one to watch closely.



>> Friday, August 10, 2007

The heat this week has been impressive to say the least. We don't see triple- digit heat too often in North Carolina, and a string of days like this is certainly quite rare.

The high temperature yesterday and today was 104 degrees at the Charlotte airport. That not only set record highs for the date, but that ties the all-time record high for Charlotte. Albemarle hit 100 or higher for the 7th day in a row this afternoon. Simply amazing.

The heat backs down this weekend with low to mid 90s.....break out the jackets!


Nasty Heat

>> Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Everyone in the viewing region topped 100 degrees this afternoon, and everyone saw heat indices between 105 and 110. That is dangerous heat, and you need to take plenty of precautions if you will be spending time outside. The heat will continue tomorrow and Friday before we get a break for the weekend.

While we are baking under a sprawling upper-lever ridge, there has been some rough weather off to our north today. In fact, the first tornado ever reported in Brooklyn, NY occurred this morning.

Please take it easy out there the next couple of days. Here is a link from the American Red Cross about heat safety and heat related illnesses.


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