Some PM storms....warm and muggy....

>> Friday, May 14, 2010

We wound up with an impressive temperatures spread across the region by late yesterday afternoon with mid to upper 80s around the Charlotte region and mid 70s in the Triad...also 60s all day in northeastern North Carolina.

Today will be warm and muggy for everybody across our region with highs up into the upper 80s....even a few lower 90s in spots. As a cold front inches closer, I expect some storms to fire in the mountains and foothills this afternoon, and then those showers and storms will likely develop in scattered fashion into the Piedmont late this afternoon into this evening.

That next cold front will stall out this weekend in the Carolinas. Look for scattered shower and storm chances both weekend days. On Sunday, it might wind up being dry north of I-40, but it is too close to call.

All of the region will likely see rain and storms Monday into Tuesday as our next system rolls through. That time frame still holds the most potential for widespread, beneficial rains.

Wednesday through Friday next week are looking cooler, less muggy, and primarily dry.


Warm and humid....some storms later tomorrow....

>> Thursday, May 13, 2010

Highs will warm into the 80s across much of the Carolinas today with a partly cloudy sky overhead. A back-door cold front is draped across the region today, but that front will really only bring cooler temps to the northeastern parts of NC, where places such as Elizabeth City will remain in the 60s today.

While one or two showers might pop up late today, the overall rain chance in any one spot today is very low.

A cold front will approach late in the day tomorrow. Ahead of the front, it will be quite warm with many locations achieving highs close to 90. From roughly mid-afternoon into the evening hours, we will likely see some scattered showers and storms move in from the west. Some of those storms late tomorrow could be severe with some damaging winds and large hail.

The exact location that the next front stalls out around our region will make all of the difference in the world in terms of our weekend forecast. At the moment, it looks like the best rain chance in NC this weekend will be south of I-40 with chances greatly diminishing south of I-40. However, even in the spots that are in a more favorable location to see scattered showers and storms, we are not talking about a wash out...just some scattered PM showers and storms.

An upper level trough will approach early next work week, and I still expect healthy rain and storm chances Monday into Tuesday.


Muggier conditions back with us....

>> Wednesday, May 12, 2010

A southerly flow has returned to the region, and a moist airmass has returned with that southerly flow. With this warmer, soupier environment in place, the possibility will exist each day for at least a few isolated afternoon showers or storms today into the weekend. However, the chance of rain in any one locations the next few days is relatively small.

Highs today will mainly be in the lower 80s. We will get warmer tomorrow into Friday with mid to upper 80s tomorrow and upper 80s to lower 90s Friday.

A cold front will move into the region this weekend and likely wind up stalling out fairly close to the NC/ SC border. Locations north of that front will have only limited rain chances this weekend, but places near and to the south of the front will have a little better chance of a few afternoon showers and storms.

The region could definitely use a good, soaking rain....and I think odds are increasing that we will see just that Monday into Tuesday. An upper level trough will slowly pivot through the eastern US, and that will give us a good chance of widespread rain and thunderstorm activity.


Clouds today....unsettled weather ahead....

>> Tuesday, May 11, 2010

A warm front is nearby our region today, and due to that fact, we will have lots of clouds through the day as well as a chance of a little light rain, especially this morning. Highs will only be in the upper 60s to around 70.

Tomorrow, highs will attempt to warm toward the lower 80s. At the same time, a cold front will make it about as far south as the Virginia border. Due to the close proximity of that front, I will mention the chance of some scattered mainly afternoon showers and storms.

While not zero, the storm chance looks lowest the rest of this week on Thursday with highs in the 80s. The warmest day this week will be Friday with highs in the upper 80s....even some lower 90s in some spots. A few PM storms are possible Friday.

Over the weekend and into early next week, a cold front will drop into the region and stall out, giving us the chance of some showers and storms each day....especially during the afternoon and early evening hours.


Delightful again today....more changes coming....

>> Monday, May 10, 2010

What a great weather weekend. Saturday was warm. Sure, it was breezy, but a nice day nonetheless. And then yesterday, for Mother's, just picture perfect.

Today's weather will be very similar to yesterday's with lots of sunshine and highs in the upper 60s to near 70.

A warm front, which this morning is located around the Ozarks, will rapidly lift northeastward and move into our area later tonight. As that occurs, we will see lots of clouds, and a few showers will become possible after midnight.

Those shower chances will continue into tomorrow, mainly during the first half of the day. Tomorrow will be an overall cloudy day, and it will get muggier with time as the warm front lifts northward and southerly winds kick in.

Highs will bump up into the 80s Wednesday, and a few afternoon storms looks possible as well. By Friday, highs will warm up toward the upper 80s again ahead of our next cold front.

Chances for showers and storms look to ramp up again for the upcoming weekend as that next front approaches and eventually stalls out near our area. At this point, Sunday looks like the day with the higher coverage of rain this weekend, but that is not set in stone.


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