Storm system headed in...

>> Thursday, April 11, 2013

Here's today's video... give it a look:

The dynamic Spring storm system I have been discussing all week will finally move through the Carolinas over the next 24 hours. A band of rain and storms extends early this morning from the Great Lakes down to Texas and Louisiana. That is the band of precip right along the cold front, and that will move through the Carolinas tonight.

Out ahead of the main area of showers and storms, it appears scattered storms will fire this afternoon in eastern GA and SC and then lift northeast in parts of NC. This will be scattered, hit and miss type of activity, but those storms could be severe and pose a damaging wind and tornado threat. 

The main round of rain and storms will then move through tonight, and some of those storms could be severe. Wind would be the main threat tonight, but isolated tornadic activity can't be ruled out either. 

Quiet weather is then on tap for the weekend.

This is our first widespread severe weather potential in a while. Please review your severe weather safety plan, and make sure you have a reliable way of hearing severe weather warnings should they be required. 

Keep us tuned in on News 14 Carolina for live weather information as necessary. 


Quite warm again today.... system arrives by tomorrow night...

>> Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Highs yesterday surged well into the 80s across the region, and in many spots, it will be a degree or two warmer today. So another very warm April day is on the way.

A dynamic Spring system continues to slowly move our way. This has been a fascinating system to watch, and one of the staples of this system has been a very tight temperature gradient along the cold front. This has resulted in having thunderstorms and snow sandwiched very close to one another in numerous Plains locations.

That system will begin to move into our region tomorrow. As soon as tomorrow afternoon, a few showers and storms could work into the piedmont, but I still expect the main round of showers and storms to move through tomorrow night.

There is the potential for some strong to severe storms. The degree of that severe weather threat will depend on how unstable the airmass is when the storms arrive. We will be able to better diagnose that tomorrow.

Please take a look at today's video... lots of information about our incoming system in there.....


Quite warm...

>> Tuesday, April 09, 2013

The warm pattern continues with highs today and tomorrow in the low and mid 80s for many in the region. We will stay dry as well until our next system arrives by Thursday night.

A significant Spring storm system continues to slowly move through the Plains. I detail this system in today's video. This system will cause a multi-day severe weather outbreak as well as a big snow storm to the north of the low pressure area.

That is the system that will swing in here by Thursday night. The GFS remains quicker with the timing of the system, bringing the rain in by Thursday afternoon. The Euro and Canadian hold it off until Thursday night.

The weekend following that system will be cooler but will feature lots of sunshine.

I detail this system in today's video and take a look at the severe weather possibilities ahead...


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