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>> Tuesday, September 07, 2010

I am out of the weather office this week. So, the regular schedule of blog posts and videos will not happen this week. No worries....we will be back to the regular routine Monday morning.

How about the start to college football season? First of all, my Mississippi State Bulldogs looked very good in a dominating opening-game win against the Memphis Tigers, 49-7. And, as a State grad and fan, it brought me great joy to see Ole Miss lose to Jacksonville State.

Some terrific games overall. What a finish to the LSU-UNC game...If you are a UNC fan, you have to be proud of the way your team, even in its depleted state, fought back and had a chance to win after being way, way down earlier in the game.

The Boise St-Va Tech game was terrific. One thing I noticed was this....if you think back to Boise State's victory over Oklahoma a few seasons ago, a lot of trickeration and razzle dazzle was involved. Boise has progressed to a point now where they can just line up and beat you. They don't need trick plays and any smoke and mirrors....they have the talent and coaching to just beat you.

They are a great team, and they deserve to be in the national conversation. However, I still say that if you put Boise State in the SEC, they will lose a few games each year. So, I would still be inclined to give a break to a one-loss SEC team in terms of national championship consideration.

What a finish to the ECU game yesterday as well! Just some great stuff.

Several other really great games....a great start to the season. And the slate of games this Saturday is just terrific. Of greatest personal interest to me, however, is the Thursday night tilt pitting my Bulldogs against the Auburn Tigers. The game will be in Starkville, and it will be a great atmosphere.

And, of course, the NFL gets underway this week. An interesting season ahead. I expect the Panthers offense to look much better once the lights go on in a real game, and if the defense continues to play at a high level, a nice season is possible.


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